A Community Celebration

of the sacredness, spirituality & diversity of both the feminine and the masculine.


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Goddess Fest strives to promote local entertainers. Send us an email if your group is interested in performing.


Every year we rely on the generosity of our volunteers to make Goddess Fest the best it can be. Volunteer today!


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Goddess Fest Raffle Prizes!

You can get your Raffle Tickets Pre-Festival by visiting Crone’s Cupboard, or they can be purchased during the Event at the Goddess Fest Information Booth!
See Raffle Prizes


Raffle Prizes Are Here!

Raffle Prizes Are Here!

You can get your Raffle Tickets Pre-Festival by visiting Crone’s Cupboard, or they can be purchased during the Event at the Goddess Fest Information Booth! Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. The drawing for these awesome prizes will be held on Sunday, July... read more
Show Your Pagan Pride Banner Contest

Show Your Pagan Pride Banner Contest

Last year, our first annual “Show Your Pagan Pride Banner Wall” was a huge hit! The “Wall” was beautiful and the winners were delighted! Goddess Fest continues to be the most prominent local venue for educating the public about alternative religions and making them... read more
Promote Goddess Fest

Promote Goddess Fest

Each year we ask for support from the community to help get the word out about Goddess Fest. Have a coffee shop you visit regularly? Planning on attending any big events? Or maybe you’re a Goddess Fest Vendor who’s customers would love to support you at... read more
Vendor Spotlight: Badger Creek Studio

Vendor Spotlight: Badger Creek Studio

Badger Creek Studio (whom you may remember as “Buxom Bitches”) missed Goddess Fest last year, so we are especially thrilled to welcome them back in 2015. When they first appeared at Goddess Fest, people went crazy over their awesome drinking horns... read more

Meet the Gods & Goddesses: Amaterasu

Amaterasu-omikami is the principal deity of the Shinto religion. She is the sun Goddess, in charge of grain and silk weaving, as well as watching over her many, many children.. The twelve animals of the zodiac are all sacred to her, as are silkworms and wolves. The... read more

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