Goddess Fest 2018 has created a special venue for first-time vendors who just want to “try it out”. All products sold in this venue must be homemade (or self-written books) and no services can be offered here. Goddess Fest will provide a group canopy and one 6-foot table to each vendor. Tablecloths and table drapes or skirts must be provided by the vendor (all vendors using under-the-table storage are required to provide a table skirt.) All products and signage must fit on the 6-foot table—no separate racks, side tables or displays will be accommodated. Vendors must keep the area neat and clean.

There will be only 8-10 tables offered in this venue. Products will be juried. To be considered, all applicants must provide the following to Goddess Fest no later than June 15, 2018:
• Fee of $120 for the weekend (refunded only if application is not approved)
• Pictures (clear and close-up) of all products and all signage
• Written description of products
• Completed “Up and Coming Artists & Authors” Registration Form

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or non acceptance (with refund) no later than the end of June, 2018.

Only one vendor per table will be allowed. We will not accept two vendors with similar products in this venue, nor will we accept vendors who have been in this venue in prior years. Vendors accepted for this venue are encouraged to learn from this “try it out” opportunity and prepare themselves for the years following by planning to occupy a full booth, or by making contacts to share a future booth with one other vendor.

The location of the “Up and Coming Artists & Authors” shared canopy will be at the corner of the Mall Road and Julia Davis Parkway—a high-traffic entrance into the event.

Setup in this venue will be Saturday morning at 8am. All other stipulations of the Terms and Conditions apply.


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